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by Sally Campbell


Don't roll those eyes until you see the treasures I have unearthed.  Led by my fiery passions I have discovered many exquisite lost wonders of the world. Textiles to die for you might even say. Finest rare embroideries from the gypsies and nomadic shepherds in Sind,Pakistan, stunning natural dyes trimmed with cowrie shells from the Banjara tribe, early 20th century floral roller printed cottons ( highly coveted by the Raj ladies of leisure) and delicate silk thread folk embroideries decorated with mirrored discs from Kutch and Saurashtra in Gujarat. All to create a recipe of divineness for a new cushion range you will not be able to resist.

Of course they all need heavenly homes, so giving them the respect they deserve I photographed them at my wonderous friend Victoria's sublime bakery - a comfy museum, full  of treasures and dreams she has collected from every corner of the earth. Each cushion settled in like royalty...next to ancient tribal dolls or lolling amongst ceramic jars from Ali baba's cave.

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A man's wedding scarf from Sind, Pakistan..embroidery in silk/cotton and tiny discs of mirrored glass.  Served up by a wild Indian treasure

A Family Outing Kantha Style, early Bengali running stitches.

Exquisite early 20th century Kantha from Bengal...in another life they were dowry quilts.

The Musk Family made from vintage hand stitched kantha Bengali quilt.

Early 20th century embroidery from  Sind, Pakistan in silk/cotton thread. The Sodha people have now settled in Kutch, Gujarat since the Indo-Pakistan war.

Early 20th century embroidery from Kutch in Gujarat looking crazy amazing next to Victorias Turkish hat collection

Lying in Mosaic splendour this little embroidered wonder is from Saurashtra in Gujarat

These wild tribal warriors from Waziristan are hand woven silk/cotton in natural indigo and madder red.

A delicous tribal couple, also from Waziristan - hand woven silk/cotton in natural dye indigo and madder red.

A pair of war lords embroidered within an inch of their lives from Saurashtra, Gujarat.


Another tribal beauty -  hand woven cotton early 20th century Khes from Pakistan in natural indigo

Silk/Cotton vintage embroidery from Kutch, Gujarat

Nomadic Twins - vintage hand embroidery from Kutch, Gujarat

Indigo and Pink hand woven pair - made from early 20th century Waziristan textile

Hot pink silk embroidery encrusted with sequins and delicate flowers- in a past life was from a  gypsy's wedding dowry - Kutch, Gujarat

Unique embroidery done by the Sodha women of Kutch, Gujarat. Their embroidery is geometric and patterns are formed with tessellated triangles. Early 20th century

Early 20th century roller printed fabric, hand stitched  and quilted- a favourite with the Raj ladies

Stunning examples of early roller printed fabrics first introduced to India by the East India company in the 1700's.  Popular with the Raj ladies and also the nomadic tribal women in Kutch, Gujarat.

Finest embroidery from Shekawati in Rajasthan - early 20th century

Eccentric roller printed vintage cotton from Sind, Pakistan - hand stitched and quilted

Vintage Ahir embroidery from the Hindu farming community in Kutch, Gujarat

Intricate vintage embroidery from the Banjara tribe in Madhya Pradesh

4 x exquisite vintage embroideries from the tribal people in the Kutch, Gujarat and Sindh, Pakistan areas.

4 x vintage delights cozying up on a window seat - all from Kutch, Gujarat and Sind, Pakistan areas

Ancient hand woven red/white/navy cotton from Waziristan sitting very happily on  a ticking chair

How stunning do these vintage wonders look - hand embroidered by the Sodha women of Kutch, Gujarat


Intricate embroidery from Saurashtra Gujarat adorned with tiny mirrored discs

Another embroidered treasure from Saurashtra Gujarat - in another life would have been a hanging (chakla)

Sun baking under the royal ginger these vintage embroideries from Kutch, Gujarat can do no wrong

Vintage Ahir embroidery from Kutch, Gujarat

Finally a very precious piece, a bolster born to star - early 20th century Kutch embroidery in perfect condition.