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by Sally Campbell

THE DESERT WINDS HAVE JUST BLOWN IN AN EXOTIC BOOTY OF TREASURES FROM GUJARAT.  Made from vintage embroideries,appliqués and tie and dyes I sourced on my nomadic travels.  Always on the hunt for delicious dowry pieces…..becoming harder and harder to find.  This selection of heavenly cushions I have  created from rare vintage pieces collected over many years.All in amazing natural dyes, featuring silver tassels, tiny mirrors, embroidered braids and shells.

View them:



Cave Dwellers showing off their delicious ochres and indigos

 A fabulous foursome of hand embroideries

 Dune Buddies..vintage hand embroidery in natural ochres

 Vintage Tie and Dye 

 A Nomadic Pair of Tie and Dye Beauties displaying their earthy hues


A couple of Rock Artistes in their cliff hanging splendour 

 Loving Their Close-Ups….3 exotic hand embroideries with tassels and shells

 Detail of indigo embroidered cushion tassle

 The Shocking Pinks,Reds and Sunburst range 

 Three Embroidered Dowagers Just Waiting For A Gaggle of Nomads to rest their weary Turbans


A Maharani Make-over

 The Desert Queen of them All…..

Pink Perfection embroidered within an inch of her life 


An embroidered pillow for a Chic Sheik


Women Of The Dunes 


A Pool Of Forbidden Treasures Reclining On An Exquisite Embroidered Ralli Quilt From Sindh


These vintage cushions have just been listed on my website. Only one of each, so dive in now to add to your unique  collection of Rock Art!!!!!


The Ralli Quilt and Ochre Throw can be seen at