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by Sally Campbell

Couldn't think of a more fabulous location for a country shoot.  Heading out of town with 2 wonderful travelling companions,stylist extroadinaire Hannah Brady and my partner in crime Greg Stitt, loaded up with endless textiles for camping bliss.  Greeted by Farmer Manoo and his partner Sean (world famous chef) we began the day with amazing bread baked by Sean and farm laid eggs.  Walking around in a heat haze we set up an indigo camp surrounded by very bored glorious sheep.  All looked sublime and no flies on us as we were covered up inside a giant indigo muslin mozy net dyed beautifully by the Shibori Girls.
My Indigo Camp was inspired by the ancient techniques of Japanese patched boro, shibori from Mali and mud resist from India
Indigo handstitched quilted bedroll lying amongst Shibori Indigo patchworks and surrounded by Japanese Boro, Hmong and mud resist cushions
My vintage blue patchwork sunning itself in the crisp mountain air
A paintbox of blues….vintage, handwoven and patched in bluer blues than a sunny morning
Set up for an afternoon nap in a glorious billabong full of cod and yabbies…..my blue/white and cream nautical range,all handwoven and hand stitched
Pontoon close-up of handwoven dalmation and indigo ikat cushions with a bevy of heavenly indigo throws 
Time for a scrumptious lunch break.  Manoo creates wonders on his barby barrow.  Home grown chops of course. While Sean slaves away in his designer chef country kitchen making superb salads from his herb garden.  Need I say more. 
A quick bath on the verandah and a couple of handwoven towels to dry our weary bodies
Washed up in the bull rushes…a bit of shibori comfort
One of the shearers cots set up in the barn…no cold comfort farm for us. Block print bedrolls in natural dyes,snug handwoven quilts and silk/wool hand stitched throw.
Back to nature and the Billabong with natural and pure indigo silken weaves,charcoal and natural patchwork perching on a glorious stump.
Give me fever! Red in bed.  Always an inspiration, toss and turn to a stormy riot of richly textured rubies, crimsons and scarlets. All hand stitched and handwoven into the dowry of your dreams
Pink in the paddock.  Patched pre loved pieces,layer upon layer of running stitches in a palette of powdery pinks and deep sea greens.
Time out, nestled amongst the roses in the snug comfort of pink vintage cushions and pink and grey rose throw
Rounding up the cows horizontal on the shearers cot…
Green with envy on a journey of colour and cloth.  Green tangoing with a world of tangerine
A Gaggle Of Very Curious Geese Were Bossing Their Way Towards Us
Afternoon Tea Time Siesta. Sean Served Up His Home Made Scones…nothing like a snooze amongst the vintage embroidered cushions to dye for.
Or if you prefer a snooze  and a slushie scrunched inside a hammock full of indigo…anything goes at Seans Farmaroma
And Now A Gourmet's Delight…My New Range Of Natural Dye Tablewear.  Sizes for all tables.
Indigo Dots With Or Without Matching Napkins
African Frenzy In Terracotta and Charcoal
And Finally A Fan Tale…...