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Autumn Symphony.....

by Sally Campbell

One of my latest passions is collecting old embroideries.  As they become rarer and almost impossible to find I am naturally more attracted to searching out beautiful exotic pieces.  Remnants of a desert childs jacket, old mirrored dowry bags,wild gypsy skirts in hand dyed block prints, embroidered wedding veils,handwoven cashmere from a nomads shawl, ancient tie and dye turbans from camel herders. Soft, faded and fabulous I am then challenged to give them new lives as cushions.  I source these treasures from many tinkers,rogue collectors and warlords in the deserts of outer India. Be my guest and indulge in a few of these wonders I have lovingly rescued. See them on my website


A bolster to dye for...embroidered Gujarati cushion in dusky musks

A perfect pair of Shekawati embroideries posing amongst moss and fallen leaves

Autumn shades of bliss colliding with indigo and madder Kalamkari hand block prints

A gaggle of gorgeousness just waiting to elope with a mysterious stranger

A pillar of perfection ....hailing from the nomads of the Thar Desert

Cross hatched geometric embroidery from Sindh

Indigo embroidered exotica... smuggled along the silk route after too many wild nights cavorting round the camp fire

Straight from the camels back....4  bandido beauties, hand embroidered by a desert goddess

A stunning Kantha collectable....offerings to the sacred eunuchs .....stitches too tiny to believe

3 Rajasthani Treasures embellished and embroidered within an inch of their lives

A spectacular Sindh embroidery salvaged from a remote desert camel train 

It's Hmong Heaven all over again...in four new indigo designs

Saving the most spectacular star until last is a magnificent Bengali dowry piece..... embroidered Kantha bolster