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by Sally Campbell

This was the classic question I was asked by a customer at Avalon. The very idea of putting textiles in a micro wave ( let alone food)  was beyond me. She was referring to the heavenly hand embroidered lavender bags designed by Sophie Pattinson.  It's always a novelty for me dealing with the public and requires tremendous skill, charm and patience. All I can say is I am learning. And of course very grateful for everyones enthusiasm and appreciation.  I have come to realise the world of textiles is certainly not everyones cup of tea and I am improving daily on subjects of sport, politics, art and gossip. Especially round the Xmas break when it all comes leaking out amidst the champagne celebrations.

I am presently packing my bags for India in 40 degree heat, feeling like a tragic exhausted snail.  Its a bit of a change for me to go all the way to India to get away from the heat.  I am looking forward to having heaps of fun this time as I will be kicking up my stilettos with Sibella Court who is the forever party girl and inspiring travelling companion. Jaipur literary festival here we come.  There will be heaps of hopefully exciting work too.  This time I am wading into the depths of Bangladesh for yet more adventures into the world of shibori and indigo.

Here are some of the lavender bags hand embroidered on silk. Will go on the web-site when I return from India.

What has just gone onto the website are these handmade organdy curtains, inspired by Korean pojagi patchwork. See them in my online shop at www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/curtains/products/cream-patchwork