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by Sally Campbell

And whoosh here I am amongst exotic floral decadence and the power of Durga Puja.  Inspiration a- go- go for my new range of khadi cottons (hand spun and handwoven). Colour and movement turning summersaults into geometrics,florals and paisleys.  I was lucky enough to discover more exquisite vintage textiles in India and France.  African, Chinese and Indian indigos,  ancient madder red Kalamkaris, Suzanis and kanthas in the softest natural dyes. This time my treasure hunts unleashed braids,bobbles and beads with past lives adorning gypsies, goddesses and queens... not forgetting elephants and camels.

Husband and wife in matching marigold outfits - flower markets

Lotus inspiration for amazing Bhutanese embroidery

Vintage beads, saris and cottons in vivid pinks and reds sent me down a whirlpool of new designs for scarves,table wear and throws

Handwoven silk and cotton shawls ... shibori and tie and dye luxuriating together

Vintage madder red Kalamkari throws...sublime to the point of ridiculous

My new Eclipse design table wear and napkins in glorious crisp cotton.  Inspired by the still lives of the french master painters


Shopping for Durga Puja decorations...work the look on tables, beds, clothing

Smallest shop award

Chai latte India style...and picking up a dose of wisdom from a blissed out holy man

Hand painted abstract bedcover in natural dyes ... a unique piece of perfection, available at my Xmas show

My new reversible hand block printed quilts, still working the abstract theme..in madder and indigo

My Third Eye hand block printed tablecloth and napkins in natural indigo...inspired by shameless Shamans


A Pomegranate paradise....hand woven, hand embroidered naturally dyed Suzani..single bed size or throw for the luxe loungers. https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/bedcovers-throws/products/suzani-2

washing across the railway tracks co ordinated with matching shutters

 The local school bus off duty

Puja Goddess in the Neem tree roots

My beloved kantha dowry quilts and baby vintage kantha reworked into cushion

Vintage Kalamkari hand painted block printing in palest indigos and faded pinks

Musk pink pomegranates  and olive leaves, hand embroidered, hand woven Suzani in natural dyes. Sublime bed cover or throw. https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/bedcovers-throws/products/suzani-1


Master Durga Puja sculptor...up close and personal. Creating Gods for the annual Hindu festival.

Durga Puja gods just falling out of those closets....need a bit of a makeover, never!

My Fandango tablecloth and napkins, inspired by African and Japanese graphics.  Hand block printed in natural dyes, a jigsaw of harmony.


A girl never tires of a dot...whether shibori, tie and dyed, block printed or embroidered...the dot is here to stay.  These naturally dyed charcoal Shibori shawls in tussar silk and muga silk will escort any boho queen to the ball.

Learning the art of spontaneous bathing...with such grace and street style

Transported to Paris thanks to my Life In Style award, I am foraging and sleuthing round Paris and Provence's amazing flea markets.  My dreams come true really.  Textiles and trimmings to die for from every global nook and cranny.  And of course everyone a total expert down to the most precious rag. 

Chinese and African vintage textiles.....handwoven indigo throws and cushions..available at my Xmas show at the Barometer Gallery from November 29.

Vintage Chinese textile, waxed indigo from the Hmong tribe.  Now a treasured cushion for the chicest couch.

Featuring at Maison & Objet ....Hand made hats from the Congo using feathers,buttons and shells.  Extraordinary works of art.

Voodoo doesn't get better than this.  Bring on more beads,bells and shells to erase all evil spirits

Vintage beads in spots and stripes in perspex,bone,wood and porcelain 

Hardware Heaven where secrets are kept safely forever...keys,locks,brooms and dolls eye balls with fluttering lashes. I was breathless with delight.

Ancient skulls, worry beads, coins and icons....caged from the greedy

Talisman treasures for the humble and happy bowerbird

Braids,tassels,stunning old cotton reels from ancient looms and linen weaves by the roll

Tis the season of Lavender and Symphorines.....nature peaking, ornamental and medicinal of course.

The local village produce markets a must for our daily picnics .... cheese,olives,prosciutto,tomatoes, fresh baguette and of course a bottle of rose. 

Magical mushrooms and marrows straight from fairy tales. No wonder the French impressionist painters did such exquisite still life paintings - the local produce are sculptures of perfection even with bumps and bruises.

Continuing my fetish for distressed doors and post box used for a vase.

Delusions of grandeur....but why not paint a glorious trompe on your entrance.  Gateway to heaven in this household. 

A Heavenly view of a medieval town at sunset