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by Sally Campbell

. . . and popping up in Avalon January 13-20. Timeless Textiles to tickle your fancy. Past and present treasures, all handmade and hand stitched. Vintage throws, quilts,cushions,scarves,sarongs and a new range of handwoven naturally dyed clothes in cotton and silk.

 Vintage dowry kantha quilts ....large and baby quilt sizes

Hand spun,handwoven,handstitched quilts

Handwoven, hand stitched quilts and cushions

Block printed, cotton filled quilt

Handwoven,handspun and embroidered silk and wool throws in natural dyes

Desert Eclipse silk/wool embroidered throw

 Naturally dyed block printed tablecloths and napkins

Hand stitched, reversible vintage cotton throws in every colour a girl could want.

 Vintage textiles from the Punjab and Gujarat

Collection of handwoven and hand stitched red and indigo cushions

 Vintage Japanese cushions

Handwoven,block printed and naturally dyed clothing range

 Shirts and trousers in assorted naturally dyed block prints

Come and see the collection at Avalon beach.