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by Sally Campbell

My Running With Stitches exhibition celebrates the art of hand-stitching. From ancient times in India, women would stitch together and patchwork cloth from rags. Kantha embroidery from Bengal became the most famous. You can see the running stitch on my handwoven quilts, cushions and scarves from Bihar, Bengal and Bhuj in Gujarat. Also my unique range of  handmade clothing.  Among the featured textiles on display are:

Hand-painted scarves in natural dyes, hand-stitched

Handstitched bedcovers from Bihar 

Vintage kantha from Bengal


Handwoven hand-stitched throws from Gujarat

Vintage Cushions:


And new handwoven, hand stitched cushions and quilts

Also on display, my latest range of clothes and tableware.

See you at Barometer gallery in Paddington this weekend or any day until the 21 May.