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by Sally Campbell

More adventures into the shifting sands of Kutch.  We visited a remote farming community in their desert village of hand made circular mud houses.  Explored the crumbling architecture of old merchant houses in Mandvi. And spent many inspirational days working on a new range of natural dye block prints with the very talented artisan Sufiyan Khatri.

Embroidered wedding masks worn by the bride and groom as they enter on horseback.  Beautiful embroidery, unfortunately using synthetic fabric and thread as it is much cheaper than cotton.

Vintage embroidered cushion from Kutch in faded pinks and reds from the desert.

See them at https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/vintage-cushions

Vintage Gujarati embroidery patchworked into a cushion, sitting very happily on an exquisite handwoven Bhutanese throw. You can view this vintage treasure from Bhutan here https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/vintage-textiles

Amazing mud house with roof made of grass,twigs and straw, often beautifully braided.The women sit in groups in the mud courtyard  doing their embroidery.  

Interior hut with conical roof supported by a long pole and sculptural corral for the livestock.... camels, horses and buffalo.

Sublime child posing amongst the tin dowry trunks full of hand made quilts.  Kitchen utensils are neatly arranged on a narrow wooden shelf that runs around the circular walls. Hand painted designs in the mud are often repeated in their embroideries.

Spending time with these gorgeous women was a very humbling experience.  They were so open to me about daily life in their village.  Life and conditions are very difficult and harsh for them. We communicated through lots of laughter and sign language.

Indigo being washed at the Khatri compound.

My block printed indigo bedcover from first dip to an elegant new home amongst my indigo patchwork curtains. Bedcover is listed here:


Handpainted abstract Indigo and Midnight shawls in Khadi cotton by artists Silpinwita and Ajit Kumar Das. New scarf collection here: https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/scarves/products


Creating samples for my new cushion and quilt range in charcoal and natural mud dyes.  All very exciting and inspiring, it brings out the passion of why I love my life working with such talented artisans in so many different parts of India.

My sample drying in the parched desert sun.  There are at least 15 stages until the quilt is competed. 

A sublime crumbling mud and wooden merchants mansion in Mandvi village. 

A weaver birds nest hanging from the fretwork to die for.

More decaying exquisiteness in the ancient town of Bundi and staying in an old hand painted Haveli with Hannah and Greg, my 2 partners in crime.

No matter where I go I hit the flower markets at first light for action,colour and chaos.

Floral and colour inspiration on these vintage Suzani bolsters posing on a kantha dowry original

Even the carrots come in hot pink

Swat Valley hand woven vintage silk bolsters on a vintage hand woven silk Phulkari. For suzani and Swat Valley cushions, see 


3 very handsome and mischievous sellers at the flower market.

Hand painted khadi cotton shawls and scarves in natural dyes  by artists Sulpinwita and Ajit Kumar Das. Available here


A new citrus range of my vintage hand stitched throws.  For latest collection of vintage throws, see https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/vintage-throws

Also available a new range of vintage cushions in citrus, orange, greens and reds blues and all shades of passion pinks.


Natural dye Matka silk shawls https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/scarves

Krishna festival on Labour Day, gliding through the narrow streets of Bundi led by the farmers in their tractors. 

Garh palace in Bundi The 18th century fort is in a state of glorious disrepair. However the Chitrasala wing is the highlight - lots of miniature paintings, mirrors and frescoes on the walls.

Doorways of Bundi

Farewell glorious India and her desert towns... now on to Japan in the snow,  the hunt begins for vintage Japanese textiles.

Time for a few days of onsen recovery at Sanga ryokan on the island of Kyushu.  

A coming attraction...introducing our new hand painted bedcover range...working in collaboration with Silipwita and Ajit Kumar Das.  Marries perfectly into a traditional Japanese setting as well as modern Western.

Hot Spring Heaven

Our Japanese picnic lunch... exploring the whispering mysteries in the giant  bamboo forests 

The bliss of flea markets in Japan. Discovering vintage textiles from all over the world and precious ceramics. Travelling curiosity cabinets, stunning locations in Buddhist shrines, stylish Japanese customers ( traditional and modern) and stallholders hawking their precious wares.  It's a thrill every minute and just one of the reasons I continually return to such an extraordinary country. This is Ueno flea market in Tokyo.

Vintage African textiles from Mali and the Congo

Ancient calligraphy, pouches and indigo shoes....each object precious pieces of art. Boro and Pajogi were the source of inspiration for my indigo patchwork curtains. https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/curtains

Vintage Chinese batik, Japanese Ikat and hand woven indigo prints...all turned into precious unique bolsters. See them hidden amongst other treasures on this page https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/vintage-cushions