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by Sally Campbell


Beauty and colour inspiration can be found everywhere in India. Especially in Phulia village,  West Bengal where my quilts have been handwoven and hand-stitched for many years. I always get such a thrill visiting the weavers and stitchers surrounded by rice paddies, palm trees and mud brick houses with exotic saris drying on twine washing lines.The pace is slow in the oppressive heat. Villagers amble by on bicycles and girls parade in the frequent drizzle under sun shades. The hand looms are works of art made of bamboo. All the work is done within the homes. And the locally grown food is scrumptious. A very special place indeed.

Nature's perfect palette dancing amongst a circus of hot pink and orange 

A lovely young weaver and rice paddy worker.  Inspiration from the madras checks of her handwoven shawl and the distressed textures of his dhoti. Not to mention his exquisite dried palm leaf hat.

Rice fields and silk shibori drying on the line, fresh from the dye vat
Mud brick, palm leaf and straw houses - rice storage and food huts for the animals.
Pure indigo hand spun cotton, freshly dyed, drying on bamboo poles
Cotton shibori, all tied up ready for the dye pot
Our pure indigo cotton shibori bedcovers - hand stitched 
Shibori hand stitched bedcover and cushions with our hand woven indigo throw
Spinning and weaving our double sided cotton quilts
Hand stitching our new red check/stripe quilt
Voila the quilt is complete and drying on bamboo poles
Looking heavenly with our new throw and range of red check/stripe cushions
Our black check/stripe handwoven, hand spun, hand stitched quilt and cushions
mMy corn stripe/check hand woven hand stitched quilt with cushions to match and hand woven natural dye fringed throw.
Block printing in Bagru.  Cows, pigs, people and fabric all harmonious together
Some of our new hand carved blocks ready to start printing
The beginning stages of one of our designs being printed. These will be a range of retro tablecloths and napkins ( coming soon)
Our abstract hand stitched block printed quilt in natural dyes - available in two colour ways.
Hand painted, natural dye cotton bedcover. One Only. Original art piece.
A beautiful vintage natural dye Kalamkari throw and cushion
A collection of our latest hand stitched reversible vintage throws - there is a red, pink,green and citrus range. All hand stitched and softest cotton.