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by Sally Campbell

I am presenting a taste of my latest wondrous cushion collection. New and vintage, exotic, casual, calming collectors pieces.  They speak to paintings, flatter beautiful chairs and chaises. Stunning old embroideries from Gujurat, handwoven silks from Waziristan, indigenous earthy tie and dyes from Rajasthan. Not to mention African weaves and Japanese shibori and ikats. Ranging in small sizes to large bolsters….the stunning textiles dictate.  Whether you are a lounging Maharani used to only the best exotica or a chilled out corporate chick into chic minimalism, there is a cushion for you.  Most of these are on my website.
This delightful duo are vintage hand embroideries from Gujurat.  Mouth watering natural dyes.
Stunning Rajasthani embroidered throw and Gujarati embroidered cushion
More embroideries from Gujarat
Handstitched from Bengal
Vintage hand-stitched Bengali throw with zig zag hand stitched cushion
Hand embroidered with perky bobbles….bolsters from Gujarat
Handwoven golden silk phulkari  throw with 2 desert queens
These earthy wonders are vintage Rajasthani tie and dye
 Vintage masterpieces from Kashmir…delicious soft handwoven wool
Japanese shibori, natural indigo, handwoven cotton
More Japanese indigo shibori bolsters…handwoven cotton
2 boro beauties…vintage japanese indigo patchwork
Patching perfection from japan..checks, stripes, ikats and shibori in pure indigo
Boro bolster and proud patched indigo friend
Large european pillow boro beauty
African handwoven indigo cotton bolster
Natural dye wonders from Waziristan..silk/cotton
Waziristan silk/cotton bolster
Waziristan silk/cotton bolsters…natural dyes
Waziristan handwoven shocking pair
Waziristan royalty….heaven
Phulkari handwoven silk bolster
Phulkari handwoven silk bolster with brilliant bobble trim
A Maharani special…..glowing Phulkari large european size.  Electric, handwoven and superbly shocking