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by Sally Campbell

I am relaunching my mini clothing range... more photos, more info and sizes.  Hopefully it is now easier to navigate. 


 Handwoven cottons and natural dyes, hand block printing and kantha stitching.  Naturally indigo features heavily, as it is my passion. The tunic below is pure indigo shibori in finest cotton.  

 I also have a delicious collection of linen, cotton and silk sarongs and scarves. 

Stunning shibori indigo scarves in silk/cotton, linen and silk (above)

Soft slithery silk shibori scarves from the Living Blue collectiveTwo shibori sarongs in lightweight feathery cotton. Too fabulous to wrap round any delicious body!


Mud resist indigo block printed sarongs in 3 designs.  Lightweight, finest quality cotton.  Boogie onto the web-site all you beach babes and whip one around the bod.