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by Sally Campbell

Have just returned from more intrepid fabulousness in India. The caravan commenced in steamy Kolkata, down the Ganges to the weaving villages of Fulia…then onto exotic Jaipur wading through Marigold 2 movie crews and endless marriage festivals to my gorgeous Dabu block printers and shrewd vintage traders. Flying into the madness of Mumbai, then onto the White Rann desert of Bhuj where the world of shibori, ajrakh, tie and dye and more wondrous weaving awaited me. I so much enjoy the amazingly clever artisans I work with, their endless charm and hospitality seduces me every trip.  Always obsessed by indigo, this time I also experimented with electric dabu block prints and the natural textured shades of silk and wool. And of course continual stitching, stitching, stitching ….following the everlasting threads 

Couldn't resist taking endless photos...

My preferred mode of travel in Gujarat

Gujarat summer palace on an island by the sea


Dabu indigo block prints drying in the sun - a 15 step process

Sufiyan's indigo clamp dying with hand block printing

Hand carved block with indigo dye

My new natural dye dabu cotton block prints for dresses and sarongs


A gorgeous friendly face at Jaipur flower markets


                Talisman hanging on a stunning mud wall at Shamji's compound

Indigo wool drying before spinning

Natural dyes ready for spinning

Indigo being spun

Indigo being woven at Shamji's compound

Stunning Rabari woman in her mud compound

Another ravishing beauty doing her domestics


Some amazing old textiles I bought from Nagaland - hand woven in indigo and madder

Old Rabari hand embroidery from Gujurat - will make wonderful cushions


Daily flower offerings at Loharu House - my Indian home away from home….