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by Sally Campbell

Create your own vintage quilt and cushion story with my new range of Autumn deliciousness.  Available now on my website. Saucy Reds, Obsessive Pinks, Aquatic Aquas, Overdose of Blues, Citrus limes/  Oranges and Jungle Fever Greens. Pick your fave colour, dive in, go with it and Pronto you have created sheer bliss on a bed.  This is only a sneak peek of colours.  If you are partial to lilacs,ochres,olives and indigos there are heaps to choose and go nuts over. All so soft,cozy and comfy….perfect company for TV bingeing.  In 2 sizes in case you are snuggling with a lover or 2.

Red Range - pink reds, orange reds, faded or full on florals, paisleys and geometrics

Cushions in different sizes…hot, subtle or in your face

Pink perfection…floral or geometric, for some unknown reason are a little girls dream

Shocking pinks…stripes and dots and a garden of love, love, love

Handstitched Heaven…no words needed

Moody blues, baby blues, lilac blues, embroidered and hand stitched in many sizes

Life Aquatic, worth diving for these deep sea blues and greens

A calming Affair for a manic mind….many sizes

Oranges, Lemons ,Limes and Terracottas all tell a reversible story…to be continued 

A cocktail of Sunny-Side Ups…hand stitched of course

Camouflage of olives, mints, sea greens and jungle fever ….all reversible, hand stitched

A Green With Envy Foursome…..need I say more