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by Sally Campbell

PATCH UPON PATCH UPON PATCH….no rules, when in doubt patch it, I say. Create your own beautiful collages. I adore working with mud resist block prints and shibori designs in pure indigo. My mud resist hand block prints come from a village in Rajasthan specialising in natural dyes and my shibori comes from 2 brilliant sisters in Delhi and a wonderful shibori artist in Gujarat. I specialise in geometric designs and no patch can be too small. The patching is terribly time consuming and very exciting. So inspiring to watch a new design emerge with each quilt. Then, when patching and indigo backing is completed they are all sent off to the stitching village for the women to work their wonders. And a few months later voila a work of art is completed…ready to start a new life on your bed.


Indigo Shibori patchwork in King single or Queen

Dot design in mud resist indigo - in King Single or Queen 

 Stripe design in mud resist indigo - in King Single or Queen


VINTAGE SARI PATCHWORKS  ARE A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY…..A wonderful Bengali Krishna devotee collects vintage cotton saris for me all year round.  He tears off on his bicycle at dawn, cruising all the markets collecting florals and geometric designs in every stunning colour imaginable. After sorting all the designs and colours, they are then sent off to the laundry and are wacked and tortured on rocks until spotless.  Then the patching process begins.  After patching the reverse is handwoven and hand spun cotton  in  a delicious complementary colour, before it is quilted with layers of cotton muslin and then hand stitched.  This all happens in Bengal in their famous weaving and stitching villages 7 hours drive out of town…thatched huts, palm trees coconuts, water buffalo... all nestled on the banks of  the Brahmaputra  river and rice paddies.  All these processes take many months and moons, plus intervals of monsoonal rains,weddings and religious festivals.  I am lucky to receive 12 heavenly quilts a year.