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Special Pieces Exhibition

by Sally Campbell

My winter special pieces exhibition is being held at Barometer Gallery 13 Gurner St Paddington.It's open every day until 25 June from 10am to 530pm.   This is a new range of superb indigo shibori hand stitched quilts and cushions from an amazing group of women in Bangladesh called Living Blue, a number of special vintage textiles I have been collecting for years, plus Sophie Pattinson Edward Lear embroideries and exquisite hand weaving from Gujarat in exotic reds and indigos.  Not to mention eat your heart out striped pashminas in electric shades of limes,pinks,oranges.

My indigo bower birds nest creates the theme of true blue..... 

The beautiful stitching and shibori designs in the purest indigo.....

Stunning silk embroidery featuring Edward Lear birds and limericks made all the more amusing as they get lost in translation.

Luscious handwoven silk / wool throws from Bhuj

And vintage textiles including traditional hand embroidered wedding Phulkari shawls from the Punjab ( see below), Phulkari cushions in hot pinks and Ikat silks from Uzbekhistan.