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Japan - An inspiration from my toes to my nose

by Sally Campbell

I have just returned from another heavenly trip to Japan.  This time visiting Kyoto and the art islands down south.  Falling in love again with the textiles,food,ryokans,gardens,art and the general zen way of living their life.  Every minute an inspiration.  Here are a few visuals describing my every waking day......


The wondrous walk of prayers.....

Just a typical pedestrian passing by

Every day a new hand painted menu

And the art form of delishishness goes on....

 Kyotos brilliant indigo specialist Mr. Shozo Utsuki.  He has a sublime range of shibori and ikat and very kindly shows you his old textiles and indigo vats.  A must visit for all indigo fanatics.

Old African indigo textile

I was very lucky to catch gallery Kai's exhibition of antique Bashofu kimono and fragments made from trees and grasses

Just an amazing light in our ryokan

Artworks in our hotel on the island of Naoshima

Stairway to paradise

Carved wooden camellias scattered on a titami mat....

Beautiful gardens at the poet warriors house Shisen-Do

On the way to Noguchi's home and studio

A very pensive bride pondering her future

The bride and groom venturing off into their future

Our footwear in our ryokan