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Delicious new range of vintage throws

by Sally Campbell

Soft,soft,soft is the mantra for my new vintage hand stitched cotton reversible throws.  In three sizes 220cm x 100cm $250. 220cm x 150cm $325. 220cm x 180cm $425.  These sizes are approximate due to the size of the vintage fabric. Some have little patches. The colours are pinks, aquas, mint and earthy greens, lilacs, terracottas, oranges, lemons, greys, blues and reds.  The designs range from eccentric geometrics to softest florals and sunburnt bright madness.  Ideal for any surface not to mention the body.  Hope you find them irresistible......


Pink and  Aqua Circles 220 x 180cm

Hot Pink and Mint Swirls 220 x 150cm

Pink and Aqua Flowers 220 x 180cm

Aqua and Blue Flowers 220 x 150cm

Matisse Blue Vines 220 x 150cm

Lilac and Sea Green 220 x 150cm

Mint and Pink,Aqua Paisley 220 x 250cm

Orange and Lemon Daisies 220 x 150cm

Orange Floral Dots 220 x 180cm

Rich Red/White Flowers 220 x 180cm