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Melbourne Fair - A Triumph......

by Sally Campbell

I have just spent a week in Melbourne hawking my wares with a squillion other people.  It was the first time I have attended a fair in Melbourne and the experience was thrilling.  In temperatures of 4 degrees women hurled my quilts everywhere and couldn't order enough of them.  When the Melbourne Showground doors opened, and endless women poured into the cattle yards (we were in the Easter Show sheds ) dressed head to toe in skin tight black and knee high black boots, I thought it was the new army coming for us.  Thank goodness enough of them like an injection of colour every now and then into their lives.  Not having a clue what colours are in and out of fashion I always find out when people plead "haven't you got any more orange and lilac" or "show me all your pink and aquas"

I managed to squeeze in 2 wonderous exhibitions...Napoleon and Fred Williams.  Both total treats.  After a hard day at the fair I would always manage a new amazing restaurant and bar to unwind in. Spent many hours in Ciccolinas (always a must on my first night), Chin Chin where everyone queues up for hours on end to experience superb food, meanwhile getting extremely drunk on cocktails in their bar while waiting for a table. Found a fab bar to hang out in called the Everleigh in Fitzroy. They made a G and T look stunning, served in crystal decanters with individual retro glasswear and the cocktail books dated back to the 20's.

Some of  my quilts on display before they were thrown and hurled into chaos.  I now have extra strong folding  muscles. Unlike in India I don't have a whole team of folding slaves.  I am my own slave. 

I am just packing my bags for more Indian adventures.  This time I am off to Hyderabad for a new ikat range and heading down south of Karnataka to work with some African Indian quilters.  It is so remote I will take over 2 days to get there. 2 airplanes and huge car journey  will  hopefully get me to my destination.  I am staying in a convent with the mother superior who kindly offered me a bed as hotels are unheard of in these parts.  All quite thrilling and can't wait.  Will report more in a month.