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by Sally Campbell

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF VINTAGE BABY KANTHAS. It had to happen sometime, I was doing kantha quilts for every other sized human.  They are too soft for words, 100% cotton, hand stitched and reversible, size 100cm x 100cm.  Perfect to throw over the stroller for the shy or fair skinned baby.  Ideal snuggle blanket  for cots, cradles, baskets, beds, backs or whatever one puts a baby in.  I took into account the different types of mothers who like their baby to be colour co ordinated with their latest look.  So of course there is pink and aqua (need I say more), blues for the boys and oranges, hot pinks, reds for the more out there single mothers and dads, not to mention the blacks for the goth mums raising the future demonic child. Oh I almost forgot, you can hurl them into the washing machine and treat them mean, they will perk back looking very vintage chic in no time.

Perky Pinks

Beachcombing Aquas


Blueboy blues

Odd child out there

Goth mummies

A boxed set (just kidding)

You have now witnessed the entire range, so girlfriend when your best friend is about to pop a bubba, you know a baby kantha is the answer. Get down!