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by Sally Campbell

Look what Cyclone Sally has blown in from the remote desert sands of India.  Exquisite vintage hand embroideries and exotic antique appliqués (Matisse eat your heart out) - all tweaked and tortured into desert delights, creating a circus of cushions in different shapes and sizes. All unique and special.  Perfect for boudoirs, meditation rooms ,doctors surgeries, sand pits and tee pees. Crawl on all fours for your very own tantalizing textile. Believe me it is not a mirage.

                                                                                A group photo - all pushing for a starring role

                                                                        A great double act - need I say more

Red and Blue wheels of Fortune

A perfect threesome

Flower Power Forever

The Moody Indigo Blues

Superbly Shocking

A divine desert dessert of madder and indigo embroidery

Harlequin Clowns in extasy

The tribal Sand Twins

An overdose of Maharani shocking Silk Ikat

                              And the greatest show on earth - an original Uzbek beauty from the garden of silken delights.