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by Sally Campbell

PATCHING IS CATCHING AND I'M ADDICTED.  Join me in such a wonderous pastime and dive into a pile of patchwork heaven at sale prices that a girl can't say no to,  Sooooo be there or be square. Made from vintage sari cotton,hand stitched and reversible, all are unique and in 2 sizes....king single and queen.  Perfect for throws, beds, sofas, tables and picnics and if that isn't enough they can also be hurled into the washing machine. Shades to suit all, blues, reds, oranges, pinks and greens...all creating a multi coloured minefield of minute patches.  Get On Down Now all you textile chicks and have your very own piece of patchwork madness.

April Patchwork Sale........



A Picnic Of Patchworks Waiting To Be Snatched Up.......

Scarlet Woman 

Earth Mammy A Go Go

Blue Skies and Sunshine

A Geometric Bloodbath of reds and blues.....

I thought I would introduce you to the major influences in my passionate textile existence. Exquisite worlds of patchwork and layering upon layering of fabrics using the tiniest of stitches.....only seeing is believing.

Kantha from Bengal in India.  A dowry quilt passed through the families.

Patchwork from Sindh in Pakistan and Rajasthan desert areas.

A Gees Bend African American patchwork quilt. Stunning abstract designs.

Another Gees Bend African American patchwork.

Pajogi Patchwork from Korea.  Inspired from the monks clothing continually patched.

My Pajogi influenced patchwork curtains....handstitched french seams in finest organdy cotton.

And my total favourite patchwork of all...the Japanese boro made from dearly loved indigo futons and clothing.

How sublime and eccentric is this....different shades of indigo with trails of sublime stitches creating their own path of patches.