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by Sally Campbell

I was very fortunate to leave India just before Coronavirus took over our lives and the world changed.  A piece of my heart belongs in India and textiles are the threads that guide me on a continual journey of discovery.  I am drawn to adventures like a magnet.  This time the highlight was the tribals in Gujarat celebrating Shivas birthday with a Festival in the desert. Arriving by truck, camel,motorbike or walking the Amhir families in the 1000's wearing exquisite traditional dress, singing, picnics galore and dancing wildly to the wonderful drummers.  I was ecstatic, in awe of the beauty around me, the atmosphere was electric.

I hope these pictures.... and my latest escapades with textiles cheer you all up during our stressful times of isolation.

                                                                                                     photo: Sohail Wazir

The Amhir tribal women dancing, singing and clapping to the wild drumming.  This goes continually for 24 hours

 The Amhir tribal women and families picnicking

Arriving by foot to the festival

 Excited women arriving at the festival by truck

 Mother and son with attitude

 A great discovery of vintage textile pieces for my embroidered cushion range


 A unique vintage dowry quilt from the nomadic Charan tribe in the Saurashtra area of Gujarat.  Made from tiny scraps of very old Manchester block prints. Hand embroidered with appliqué and mirrors. Something to really treasure, museum worthy. Ideal for framing or featured bedhead.  See it here:


 Delicious collection of Phulkari dowry shawls. Handwoven in natural silk dyes.

 Golden Phulkari, very large, handwoven in hot pink, lime and golden silks.   https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/vintage-textiles

 plus a sublime Phulkari bolster with golden silk embroidery


Rare Kalkamkari bedcover or throw - hand painted in natural dyes of madder red and iron blacks


Vintage Kalamkari cushion and bolster hand painted in natural indigos and madder reds



 Bhuj House - owned by a Parsi family. They have opened 4 beautiful suites to travellers.  Amazing Parsi and Kutchi meals in their lovely courtyard  prepared by the family.  It is a total haven away from the chaos of dust and heat in Bhuj. Next door is a charming little mosque covered in white bougainvillea.

 Jabbar Khatri's beautiful natural dyed, khadi cotton tie and dye scarves and shawls...in olives, corals,eggplant,saffron,greys and naturals. Posing in front of our lattice bedroom in Bhuj House. 


 Rickshaw man waiting for his ride at Kolkata fruit and veg. markets. And the lime man guarding his colourful crates of limes

 Carrying giant sacks of carrots


Exquisite vintage Bengali kantha patchwork quilt.  Thousands of stitches and miniature patches. Very charming



Accountant and guard at the Market bank. The guard has money in a sack round his neck.  These boys mean business 

 Juice stall at the market selling fresh orange, lime,pineapple and lemon juice.Yum

 My vintage hand stitched reversible cotton throws in oranges, lemons,limes,and pineapple. See new selection of vintage throws of all colours :


 The sweetie man weighing our snacks

 Our Masala Chai stall in the market - delicious chai served in tiny terracotta cups which you throw away when finished.

 Onions under lights being weighed at the market


 My vintage reversible cotton throws in passion reds.  Baby and bed sizes.  Three of my vintage throws hanging on hooks.


 Stunning vintage kantha dowry quilt.  In  reds and blues, very delicately hand embroidered with charming whimsical scenes. A museum piece in wonderful condition.


Details of the scenes from the kantha above


 My dream home. An 18th century terracotta brick house covered in vines and figs. I discovered this beauty on an early morning stroll round old Kolkata

 Mouth watering old silk embroidered textile. Hunting scenes in natural dyes. Not for sale

 Old architecture of collapsing beauties in Ole Kolkata. Let sleeping dogs lie. And wonderful domestic washing scenes

Stunning Pink Wooden Slatted Guest House where the Jains come and stay when they are doing business at the fruit and vegetable market in Kolkata 

 Sufiyan Khatri's beautiful hand block printed linens, silks and cottons in natural dyes ....my new clothing range for next summer

 Hand painted detail from bedcover and cushions 

Natural dye hand painted bedcover and cushions in collaboration with the wonderful talented Silpinwita and her father Kumar Das.

 Bedcover : https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/bedcovers-throws

Cushions : https://www.sallycampbell.com.au/collections/cushions


 It is now farewell until the world is cleared of Coronavirus and I can resume my exciting collaborations with such amazingly talented artisans in India.  Stay safe to you all. And thank you.