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by Sally Campbell

Collecting rare vintage embroideries has been a long-lasting love affair of mine and turning them into luxe cushions with vintage tassels, coins and braids are equally thrilling.  I consider them to be precious art objects of desire to be used as special pieces round the home.
A unique collection of vintage hand embroideries from Gujarat
A stunning rare Manchester print cotton chintz with indigo piping. Double sided
Two Phulkari showstoppers in shocking silk weaves.  Hot pink silk reverse
Large vintage Gujarati embroidery, reverse in linen. Ideal floor cushion. Reverse in natural linen
Large Gujarati embroidered floor cushion in deeper reds than previous cushion. Reverse in natural linen
Stunning vintage embroidery in perfect condition trimmed with tassels, reverse in  indigo
Marvellous madder ( natural dye) vintage embroidery with green tassels. Madder reverse.
Madder ( natural dye), indigo and ochre stripes, cotton and silk weaves from a vintage Kes. Double sided
Kantha stitched twins from an old dowry quilt
Stunning Suzani cushion with linen reverse and golden woven Kes cushion in madder ( natural red dye). Madder reverse
Wonderful examples of vintage Kalamkari cushions in natural dyes. Double sided
Hand painted geometric dream in natural dyes. Madder ( natural dye) piping and madder reverse. See selection of new cushions here:
Vintage kalamkari madder cushion and natural dye vintage block print cushion. Double sided.
Vintage Gujarati embroidered bolster with tassels and mirrors. A Maharani fantasy
Rare Kutchi embroidery trimmed with vintage coins. Reverse in indigo
Kutchi embroidered cushions trimmed with coins and tassels. Reverse in indigo and madder
Silk embroidery from the Punjab trimmed with mirrors and tassels. Reverse in linen
Hand embroidered vintage cushion from Gujarat, trimmed with tassels and reverse in linen.
Vintage Kutch embroidery trimmed with tassels, reverse in indigo
Giant embroidered patchwork floor cushions with vintage tassels and linen on the reverse
Another giant floor cushion....
hand embroidered patchwork with vintage tassels and linen reverse. 
special thanks to Victoria Alexander for the location shoot.
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