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by Sally Campbell

This Xmas at my pop up in Barometer gallery Paddington ( 9- 20th Dec) I am paying tribute to 6 artists and artisans in India I have worked and collaborated with for over 10 years.  All are wonderful people and celebrated world wide for their talents. They have taught me all I know about the Indian crafts - weaving,  blockprinting, Bandhani, natural dyes, stitching and hand painting.  I share a passion for them all.

As I can no longer travel to India at present, it has upset me deeply and prevents me from continuing hands on relationships, making zoom life very difficult and communication even more eccentric. I am a bit of an old fashioned girl in this techno world.

This year my show features an exciting collection of old textiles, a new range of handwoven quilts and cushions, indigo shibori patchworks, natural dye block printed clothing, vintage embroidered cushions and throws.

Sufiyan Khatri - Ajrakh block printer, natural dyes

Preparing the red madder natural dye for my block printed quilts and clothing  fabrics.

My indigo organdy patchwork curtains, shibori patchwork quilt and collection of indigo cushions

Shamji Vishram Vankar - Master Weaver, natural dyes

Weaving the silk/wool indigo on the loom before the hand stitching

My latest hand woven cotton indigo/natural throw with exquisite hand stitching and a collection of tasseled cushions to match.

 Jabbar & Abdullah Khatri - Bandhani, Shibori Masters

New range of their stunning natural dye handwoven cotton shawls and scarves in intricate bandhani and shibori designs. All total perfection

Silpinwita Das - Hand painter, natural dyes

Silpinwita and her father the artist Ajit Kumar are total originals, creating superb  cushions, bedcovers and shawls for me in their luscious natural dyes.

Bappa and Rumi Biswas - a multi talented couple whose exquisite hand woven saris are a 'must have' all over India. I adore them, they have taught me soooo much and are responsible for all my handwoven hand stitched quilts and more.

Phulia weaving village in Bengal where my quilts are handwoven, hand spun and hand stitched

 My black/.white striped/check quilt and cushions

Meeta Nazar - block printer, natural dyes

Meeta's block prints are original and charming.  We developed our musical notes, tape measures and fork/spoon blocks with her. Always using resist natural dye techniques. Below our spoon/fork block in indigo/black tablecloth and napkins

Come and have a drink on opening night Tuesday Dec 8th between 5 - 8pm at Barometer Gallery near 5 Ways in Paddington, or pop in between 9 - 20 December.