I've been at it again...this time down and dirty with the mud resist process called Dabu.  In Jaipur there is an area called Bagru, famous for it's mud resist technique using wood blocks and natural dyes.  It's always such a thrill to watch the printers hand block the designs so perfectly. Then the fabrics are hurled into the natural dye vats, washed squillions of times and  laid out on the ground to dry  or hung  on large bamboo poles.  I make it all sound very easy but it is very complex involving many different processes.  Natural dyes are very tricky, you never quite know how the intensity of the colour will turn out.  I have chosen 5 new designs for my Autumn quilts.  Perfect for our neurotic weather, ideal to hurl on and off in heatwaves and downpours.

Pomegranate extract for a delicious muddy gold

Indigo dye vat.  The more dips the intensity of the blue.  For a navy you need about 20 dips.


First process of the mud being hand blocked

Wheat Chaff and mud to make the mud resist

Here are the new quilts.............

Indigo Blues

Tangerine Dots


Zigzag Greys

Autumn Geometric

Rust Red Chintz


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