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Under The Yum Yum Tree: With Sake, Karaoke and Cushion Cravings

by Sally Campbell

Under The Yum Yum Tree: With Sake, Karaoke and Cushion Cravings


My love affair with old and new Japan continues and these gorgeous geishas with their smart phones and selfie sticks say it all. I discovered them last November strolling round Kyoto amongst the Autumn bliss of endless falling leaves from the maples and ginko trees. I was on yet another road trip exploring Japan in search of vintage fabrics to create a new cushion range. It is now complete and thank you Edo Arts for letting us shoot the cushions amongst your unique Japanese treasures. See the new range of vintage Japanese cushions here


Lying happily amongst the erotica are two silk, obi orange, licorice striped cushions

These stunning autumn displays are outside peoples houses and shops.  They are changed daily. 

Handwoven indigo cushions with amazing white hand stitched  geometric embroidery.

Four Boro textiles from the Amuse Museum in Tokyo

Boro scraps in indigos,checks,stripes and ikat designs.....hand stitched

Mud brick walls in Hagi with old ceramics wedged inside. Can't get better than this.

Boro cushions lying on my hand stitched indigo silk/wool throw

Autumn in full bloom of firey red passion on the old postman's walk between Magome and Tsumago

Indigo and white hand woven vintage floral bolsters

Red leaves and berries clinging to mosses,fungi and old tree trunks

Three vintage indigo, handwoven cottons sitting happily amongst the boro,ceramics and silk screen

Caligraphy, Norens and Flags were all a passion I couldn't get enough of.

My new indigo silk shawls and scarves... shibori and clamp dyed

Hand woven vintage,  indigo lines and crosses cushions amongst the old sake jars

Pharmacy specimens, kitchen utensils, old hand carved signs and hardware tackle...all from the world of ancient hand made.

Lanterns, shrine offerings and persimmons all welcoming us .......

Handwoven, hand stitched old baby carrier textile made into wonderous graphic cushions....posing on an old tea chest with boro textile

Sashimi and Sake.....a marriage made in heaven

This is Bolster Bliss....an eccentric duo in faded indigo and sea faring stripes

Mini bolsters with mythical sea faring creatures in white on faded indigo

Autumn vines clinging for dear life on old textured wooden houses

Faded, corrugated patchwork houses in limes,indigos, terracottas and pinks

Thatched old merchant farm houses and their sheds in Nantan, north of Kyoto

Striped and butterfly bolsters amongst Edo Arts stone lanterns

Gardens in Matsue and HagiWonderous wabi sabi doing its thing amongst vintage indigo cushions

An indigo Autumn foursome in navy and white florals

An intimate tea setting for two....indigo floral bolsters

Edo Arts fabric amongst my boro and indigo/white floral bolster. See the cushions here..


Ancient fishing village of Tomonoura full of old wooden fishing shacks,fish drying on racks,stunning sunsets and 500 year old ryokans

GOODNIGHT .........